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+ What is your dietary philosopy?

The human body can function at its maximum capacity for health when we ingest a nutrient dense diet based on whole foods. Our busy lifestyles and the ready availability of cheap, processed industrial “foods” have separated us from this ancestral knowledge.

Although there is not one diet that is suitable for everyone, there are physiological and nutritional principles that will apply to almost everyone.

When we identify and honor our bio-individuality, health and balance become instinctual.

By focusing your attention inward, you will be able to better make the connections between what you eat and how you feel. Adjusting diet and lifestyle can help you gain advances in your wellbeing and attain your health goals.

Diet in isolation however, doesn’t address the whole person. Physical activity, lifestyle, stress management and sleep all contribute to your well being. Nutritional therapy incorporates all of these issues in your personalized, bio-individual care plan.

+ Why would I want or need to use Nutritional Therapy?

Frustration, curiosity, desire ...

Maybe you have tried several different diets and programs and are still struggling with weight loss issues. Looking at food from a different perspective can make all of the difference.Weight loss is not just calories in and calories out.Packaged food meals and measuring every bite of food can be gradually replaced with a whole food, nutrient dense diet and life-style changes that support your bio-individual needs, not those of a corporation.

A diet is not something you do.

A diet is something you live.

You have a current diet that makes you feel pretty good, you eat “clean”, go the Farmer’s Market and take your supplements, but something is missing. Your sleep may be off, you have food cravings you can’t control and you just can’t get through the day without coffee.You can’t always count on your energy level being steady. You could benefit from someone going over your diet with you, validating the food choices that work for your body and its individual needs and highlighting some areas of depletion or weakness that could benefit from improved balance and support.

There is nothing more exhausting than dealing with a chronic illness or condition.Many times, this means dealing with a chronic issue that has no name.You have been through the lab work and diagnostic testing which continue to show that there is” nothing wrong with you”. Our current medical model has become over reliant on using lab work alone in trying to figure out what is going on within us. Don’t get me wrong, lab work can play a critical part in healthcare, but we must look at the whole person in order to workout how the pieces fit together. As time passes, you may be offered things to help manage your symptoms, but this does not treat the underlying issue. If you stop these interventions, your symptoms often return. This is not curing, this is a bandaid approach and its exclusive use can contribute to the continued downward spiral of individual health and wellness as well as that of your friends and family members .

If you are working with a diagnosis, that is a great starting point. A diagnosis let’s us backtrack and follow the trail of what common similarities a diagnosis may hold as well as looking into specific diet and nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to the problem.

In all of these cases, Nutritional Therapy asks the why questions to get at the root cause.

+ Where are you located?

Innera Nutrition is located in the beautiful, central Virginia city of Keswick, an outlying community on the east side of Charlottesville.

My office is 12 miles from downtown using either Hwy 250 or 64.

During your initial consultation, I am happy to come to you at your Charlottesville-area home or office. All subsequent meetings will take place at my office.

+ What are your fees?

Fees are structured around the specific needs of the client and how/what they choose to work on. A complete menu of services will be presented to you during your free 30 minute consultation, whether that is done over the phone, or in an in-person meeting.

Packages of services are available, as well as an hourly-rate structure.

+ Will I have to take a lot of supplements?

Supplementation can play an important part in rebalancing your body chemistry, but is meant to be used along side a whole foods diet and are not a replacement for foods.Many times, a supplement can be used for a short period of time during the rebuilding process and can later be tapered off.In cases of chronic conditions however, imbalance may have been present for extended periods of time and will then taker long to restore.

Supplementation use is bio-individual and should not be based on the latest craze or fad.You should not take supplements because your neighbor told you about them, a television doctor recommended them or because they were on sale.

+ Do you replace a doctor?

Nutritional therapy is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed practitioner. Nutritional Therapy is not meant to treat or diagnose any specific medical, psychiatric or emotional condition. Any advice or information you collect from this site is meant to be for informational and educational purposes only and are never meant to be used in place of a consultation with your primary care provider.

Nutritional Therapy is a complimentary health practice that works in collaboration with your primary care provider.

+ Can you work with my current healthcare provider?

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary health field that works along side primary care physicians, nurse practitioners,integrative medicine and physical therapists, just to name a few. With your written consent, I can share your nutritional health history with other practitioners so we can collaborate in creating a well-rounded, holistic plan for your care.

Please note Nutritional therapy is NOT meant to diagnose or treat any specific medical or psychiatric conditions. It is alway important to share any information about all practitioners you see, as well as any medications, supplements or herbal remedies you take. Never start or discontinue any medications without the consent of your primary care giver.

+ Do you take insurance?

I do not currently take insurance, but can provide you with a master bill for each consultation that you can use as a reference if attempting to file a claim on your own.