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What is nutritional therapy?

What does a Nutritional Therapy consultation include?


People may seek Nutritional Therapy consultation for a variety of reasons:


  • weight loss
  • affirmations of their current diet and lifestyle
  • assistance with chronic health conditions
  • those wanting to make changes, but don’t know where to start 


Each of the consultations will require a different amount of time and follow-up appointments are based on client need and goals.


All consultations will begin with a 2 hour initial session where we review:


  • in depth medical and personal history ( family history, surgeries, diet, exercise, sleep, stress and exposure to toxins and environmental contaminants.
  • current issues and what you have done to alleviate or support them
  • your personal food story ( childhood family food culture, cravings, comfort foods and current eating patterns).
  • an overview of nutritional principles and how you can start to use them from day one.


Subsequent appointments can include:


  •  Nutri-Q nutritional analysis- a 320 question online survey that helps to highlight your top areas of concern-for example


                     blood sugar management

                    adrenal stress



                    hormonal imbalances

  • Functional exam (FE)- when cells, tissues and organs are under stress from nutrient deficiency , they will often set off an inflammatory process which can cause pain and discomfort to the involved areas. This discomfort can often be detected during an external, non invasive exam.
  • Lingual-neural testing-the brain and body are constantly scanning your internal environment to monitor and control hormone levels, blood sugar and nutrients- these are just a few of the thousands of functions they provide to you every minute. This process allows your body to detect nutrients it is requiring as well as things that may be harmful or unnecessary at the time. By placing a nutrient on or under your tongue, we can retest areas of concern identified during the FE to see if your body tells you what it is in need of to obtain proper balance.